Don’t Ask Siri About the Virgin Islands

“What’s the weather in Saint Thomas?”

After I asked Siri this, and it came back with the weather in Oakland (my location), I tried four more times.

“What’s the weather on Saint Thomas island?”

Oakland again.

“What’s the weather in Charlotte Amalie?”

This time I got Charlotte, NC.

“What’s the weather in Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas?”

I guess Siri’s voice recognition is still a completely separate process from its natural language parsing, because I said “Saint,” and Siri replied “Street.”

That was such a spectacular failure that I tried the same question again, in disbelief:

“What’s the weather in Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas?”

North Carolina again — which, if you notice, had a weather forecast suspiciously identical to Oakland’s.

St. Thomas is a lovely place Siri, you should really visit sometime. The weather, it turns out, is great — just ask Google.


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